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Lucidius Hosting

The servers we provide come with the best support. Experience in running large Minecraft servers for almost 2 years, allows us to provide something which others don't, superior knowledge on all things to do with running a server, from configuring plugins to managing Bukkit and Tekkit servers.

We know how hard it is to find a Minecraft hosting company who has first-hand knowledge about how to run a server, but there's no need to look any further. When things just aren't seem to be going right, we do not give up on you, we will always help you to the best of our ability.

Support isn't all we offer, our servers are running on the very best machines, with lightning fast connections and dedicated IPs. We will always provide you with exactly what you ordered, and what you need.

Our prices are affordable, inexpensive and very good value. Along with our free MySQL databases, we also provide the Multicraft Minecraft control panel for free! The Multicraft control panel is the best in the market, it is clean and is plentiful in features. We also provide this free with all our dedicated server plans!

However, we know that some plans might not be right for your server, so we offer a 4-day money back guarantee on all our Minecraft hosting packages and a 48-hour money back guarantee on all our dedicated server packages.
- 4 day money back guarantee
- Instant setup
- MySQL Database - Free!
- Multicraft - Free!
- FTP access
- 24/7 amazing support
- Custom player limits
- Incredible uptime
- Unlimited disk space

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