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Founded Oct 20, 2014
CEO: Daniel Bridgeford

[email protected]

36/1 Macquarie Place
Sydney, 2000 Australia

KZN Hosting is a web, game, voice and dedicated server host, established in October, 2014 by two business partners over in Melbourne, Australia. The intentions of these two men was and still is to set a higher standard for server hosting by priding themselves on quality over quantity, the best in around-the-clock customer support and the latest and greatest in server hosting technology.

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Nuvey said
Customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

I originally leased a server in Australia for the sake of playing with my friends from Australia. But we lost interest and I decided to have my server relocated to the United States so I could use it for my children.

I submitted a Support Ticket and requested the relocation. The CEO, Daniel Bridgeport, responded with something along the lines of "We can do that. Do you want us to do that?"
I answered yes, even though the fact that I requested the transfer should have implied that I wanted to be transferred. He didn't reply, and closed my ticket without transferring my server.

I replied to reopen the ticket. Over and over I requested, they responded with the same "We can do that. Would you like us to do that?" and after 12 messages from myself to Daniel, and five replies, and over a month of waiting, I have still NOT been relocated, nor has Daniel responded again. Of my 12 messages, 10 of them were requests to be moved to a US based server as soon as possible.

Horrible Servers. Horrible Support. Bad business practices all the way around. Do not use. There are always better options elsewhere, even if it's a dollar or two more expensive.

Nuvey's Ratings
Performance 8 stars Support 8 stars Pricing 11 stars

TechnoStew said
Customer for 4 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I have really enjoyed my hosting experience with KZN Hosting. I had to close my Minecraft server after 4 months because of school but when I was hosting with them, everything was super fast and their support was pretty good too (except 1 day but they did give me credit for that and said sorry).

I would recommend KZN to anyone after great priced hosting especially in Australia. :D

TechnoStew's Ratings
Performance 8 stars Support 8 stars Pricing 11 stars

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