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Founded Jan 11, 2011
Managing Director: Jonathan Lambert

[email protected]

33 Coombe Road
New Malden, KT3 4Q United Kingdom

Here at Host Altitude we put our customers first and hardware just behind. We have servers that are optimized just for Minecraft, giving you the best lag-free experience. We know you will be impressed by our server performance and customer service but if you aren't, we offer a 5-day, no hassle, no questions asked refund policy.

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Flubbyz3 said
Customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Brilliant service! Low pings (that maybe because i live a few roads away) , almost 100% uptime! Fast support!

Flubbyz3's Ratings
Performance 10 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 9 stars

SkyFli3r said
Customer for 2 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Host Altitude in my opinion is one of the best hosts out there. I have been with them for two months and hopefully I won't be looking for a new service for a long time.

I have been playing Minecraft since 1.4 and ran many servers from many different hosts and I have never stayed on any for over a month. I thought that I would give up on trying to make a good server because it kept getting either shut down because of terrible lagg or terrible communication from hosts. HostAltitude was my last hope and so far, it has never disappointed me. I mean, when I ordered a server from them for the first time, they set it up almost instantly. I did not have to wait for 6 hours or even a day. I even got to talk to a few HA members on my server and they were very polite. This is just to tell how nice their community is. Even you submit a ticket, they will reply very quickly and if you have a problem with your server, they will tell you how to fix it or they even fix it themselves. These people will even install, update or configure plugins for you. COME ON! How awesome is that?

The HostAltitude website is also almost perfect. There are a few things that could have been improved but hey, there is no perfect website on the internet. It very easy to navigate too and they have many services such as Minecraft hosting, web hosting and you can even register your own domain for a cheap price. I personally bought two servers and a domain name for my community website.

The Minecraft server control panel is unique. No more boring McMyAdmin with only a few features. HA CP has way more features. It has a built-in FTP system, so you don't have to always open up your FTP client and connect to the server. Also, every time Bukkit is updated, you don't have to upload it to the server anymore. It can be updated in the control panel. It also allows you to choose to run the server with older versions.

There are so many great things about HostAltitude, there are just too many to write them all down here. Servers do NOT lag even if you buy a package with 1GB of RAM. The community is very nice and will help you anytime. Cheap servers unlike other MC hosts and that is the most important thing. Thank you HostAltitude, I wish best of luck and I hope your service will be number on the list.

SkyFli3r's Ratings
Performance 10 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 9 stars

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