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Founded Dec 2, 2011
MD: Matthew Scully

[email protected]

32 Lifford Street
Sheffield, S9 1SP England

Get-Sourced Limited is proud to provide a quality service ran by a team of people dedicated to providing a world class service. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers benefit from the service.

Services start as little as £6.50 a month for 1Gb RAM – We don’t believe in running servers with less than 1Gb – it just isn’t good for Minecraft.

If you’re after a fully dedicated server and don’t want to share ram with others – We have a 16Gb and 24Gb option available – You could even split the RAM into different servers. 16Gb is £60 per month and 24Gb is £95 per month.

If you are an advanced user, we even have the option to sell unmanaged dedicated servers, 16Gb for £50 and 24Gb for £75 per month.

We also have a referral scheme, so if you love our service and want to get some money off each month. You can simply spread the word.

1Gb MC Server: £0.10
2Gb MC server: £0.20
3Gb MC Server: £0.30
4Gb MC Server: £0.40
8GB MC Server: £1.00
16Gb MC Server: £3.00
24GB MC Server: £8.00
Web 1000: £0.10
Web 2000: £0.20
Web 5000: £0.50
Web 10000: £0.75
Web 50000: £1.50

We are here to bring YOU, the sourced solution!

Latest Review

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aschweitzer said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

After searching for a few days for a server I found this one. I used to be with a different host that offered me 2GB ram 32 slots for $27 a month. After I found these guys and their great prices and support I went with their 3GB package. They even supported me before I bought one. The other day I had to paste something into my server and my ram limitations wasn't letting me. They boosted my ram by quite a a lot just so I could paste it in and even had a guy come help me paste it in. Overall their support is awesome and can help you almost 24/7 with their live chat, so if you're looking for a great host I'd choose these guys because of their prices and support.

aschweitzer's Ratings
Performance 10 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 10 stars

Keiaxx said
Customer for 2 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

After many hours of problems with my old host, I looked for A new host. Then I found Get-Sourced. I looked at their outstanding prices and the amount of RAM you get. I decided to buy a 2gb server plan. I have had many friends online and have had no problems whatsoever. There is NO lag, not even a spike at all. The Up time is Amazing as well! I have never seen a server crash or down at all other than me restarting and worldedit fails! Get-Sourced offers you a GREAT control panel for your server (MultiCraft) and their support is AMAZING! I have sent them a lot of support tickets and they fixed the problem, without complaining. They also have a near 24/7 Live Chat support that is willing to help you. I would recommend this host to EVERYONE. Whether a small server, or a big server, get-sourced is the way to go. If you are still wondering if this host is legit or not, join my server and experience their hosting for yourself. My server IP is:

The Bottom Line:
Free MySQL, 24/7 Uptime, No lag at all (Despite the fact that my server is in France and I am all the way in the USA), super cheap, good support, live chats, the most up to date news, and just overall a great experience that you won't get with other hosts.

Keiaxx's Ratings
Performance 10 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 10 stars

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