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GEL-gaming was established in 2011 to provide reliable, friendly and affordable game servers for clans and individuals. Founded by four gaming enthusiasts we understand what true gamers require and need. We maintain and monitor our own dedicated servers with the highest quality hardware and software we know you will be proud to say you have a game server from GEL-gaming.

We have 24/7/365 support available via our ticket system and will always endeavour to answer any queries or support request within 20 minutes. Our EU dedicated servers are located in Roubaix 4 data centre (Paris) which also has two separate 10 Gigabit networks and direct peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam with a total network bandwidth of 120Gbps

We have a saying at GEL-Gaming – Ping is king but stability for the WIN! Which is why we may have a slightly higher ping of 2-4ms but stability and reliability is our focus.

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LazyGhost said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

I have been with this host for a few weeks. They are terrible. The node kept on going down, they didn't support any mods and their "24/7" support was only on for 5 hours during the weekend....

I will not be using them again.

LazyGhost's Ratings
Performance 11 stars Support 12 stars Pricing 11 stars

Brad said
Customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I've been a customer of GEL-Gaming for nearly five months now, and I can say that they are outstanding. I have a San Andreas Multiplayer server, and I hardly ever experience any lag or downtime. I also have hosting through GEL for my website, and I have never experienced any downtime since I've been with GEL.

The Support Team is simply amazing. If I ever have a question or a problem, I can be assured that it will be resolved within a timely manner.

The prices are great. Compared to most other hosting companies, GEL-Gaming has the best pricing you can find.

Overall GEL-Gaming is a simply outstanding company. Great hosting, great support, and great pricing. I would suggest this company to anyone!

Brad 's Ratings
Performance 11 stars Support 12 stars Pricing 11 stars

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