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Founded Jan 10, 2015
Network Manager: Dylan kraklan

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We are committed to providing excellence in game hosting for our clients. Fueled with the best hardware and a desire to have every customer satisfied, we will focus on customization as each customer's needs will differ. To ensure every customer is satisfied, we commit to 24/7 support with minimal response times. As every customer differs in familiarity with server administration, we strive to lend a helping hand whenever we can, as fast as we can.

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asha bee said
Customer for 2 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

My experience with Gaming Surfer:

This was my first time running a Minecraft server. I would rate this experience a 0/10 and a large part of that is because of the horrible service I have had with this company. They were very helpful at first with config problems, slowly became less and less attentive.

24/7 support: Not so much. Useless spam filters that delete important tickets; was left in the dark for several days while the server was down. Quick response when asked about potential upgrade, slow response and no middle ground when upset with service and wanted refund.

No e-mails? I have never gotten a single e-mail from gamingsurfer even though I put the domain on my safe sender list, gamingsurfer expressed no interest in trying to figure out the issue.
When the server was down becuase of maintenance and I e-mailed them asking what was going on, they said they sent an e-mail explaining things a few days prior, and not only did I not get the e-mail but that is not a lot of notice of downtime. Because of this I lost many frequent players on my server.

Experienced lots of lag as well, and they have now left astutium to handle all the Minecraft hosting, and since I got no e-mails, I had no notice and no idea what this was or meant for my server. When a refund was requested, I was told that wouldn't happen and I should give the new changes a chance, however what I want is to get out and go to a more reputable host, but now I am stuck supporting a business I do not want to support.

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Performance 1 stars Support 1 stars Pricing 1 stars

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