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Shockbyte has been providing hosting services since March 2013. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated staff who've been in the hosting industry for multiple years, providing 24/7 support and ...

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Services Provided

Minimum Game Server Hardware

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 x1 GHz


Hard Drive Set 1: 2x256GB SSD

RAID (Set 1): RAID 1

Bandwidth: 10000GB+

Net Speed: 1000Mbps

Games Hosted


Game Servers Reviews

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TelFiRE said
Game server customer for 4 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Shockbyte is the worst host out there! Don't use them! They are shady as hell! They will keep charging you if you ever cancel and make it an absolute nightmare to get refunded! They sent me a confirmation message assuring me I would not be charged, and then just kept billing me! Absolute nightmare!

The hosting itself is not so bad but don't trust them with any of your information!

TelFiRE's Ratings
Performance 8 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 19 stars

WonderMel13 said
Game server customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

I purchased a decently sized server for MCPE. Not a single one of their available options work for the lastest version of MCPE. I submitted a support ticket, that claims to respond within 24 hours (after their supposed 24/7 help chat informed me that all they can "help" with is regurgitation the terms already available on the site). After 28 hours I paid an additional fee to "fast-track" the ticket, which promises an instant response. 36 hours later I submitted a refund request for said "fast-track", because there was STILL no response...suddenly I get a reply to the refund request apologizing and telling me they'll respond to the original ticket, which they did, but didn't actually help with the problem and stopped replying again. Now I am told I can't get a refund for the "fast-track" because the terms say a refund is not given if the ticket was responded was ONLY responded to because, and AFTER I submitted the refund request! And the ticket wasn't even resolved! I am immediately filing a PayPal dispute, and beginning with a new host. Do Not waste your money, your stress, or anything else on this site. All they care about is your money in their pockets!

WonderMel13's Ratings
Performance 8 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 19 stars

Jake said
Game server customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative


Have any issue you are lucky to hear back from customer service within a week. They think its a joke. The price $2.50 a gig isnt bad but any issue you have even getting your dedicated ip setup jakes days. Customer service is a joke dont deal with

Jake's Ratings
Performance 8 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 19 stars

JAG319 said
Game server customer for 1 Year(s) - Overal experience: Negative

It's $2.50 per gig which is a good price and surprisingly good uptime. So... why does it get 1 star? Customer service sucks horribly. First let's talk about the Skype customer service. You get their which you can message them through. Out of the 10 or so questions I've asked over skype in the past few months, they replied to 1 and barely helped. The email/ticket support is bad too. I often never got replies. Basically, don't expect to be able to contact them. Next, I'll mention the payment. You get notified by email when a payment's due. You pay through Paypal, its pretty simple. However... DO NOT pay late. There's a LATE FEE! Who has a late fee for something like this?? I strategically use the money earned from my server with paying for stuff and a late fee messed it all up. Finally, backups: backup's ONLY backup the default world. If you lose everything, you'll only have 1 world. No plugins, or anything. Even if you saved a backup manually. I currently still use it but I'm looking for a new one and changing when it comes time to pay again.

Overall: It's cheap, they have good uptime, customer service sucks, they have dumb late fees. Hope I helped :D

JAG319's Ratings
Performance 8 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 19 stars

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