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CloudFrost Hosting provides the cheapest Minecraft Hosting available! Visit us today at     USE THE CODE "25PEROFF" FOR 25% OFF YOUR ORDER!

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Services Provided

Minimum Game Server Hardware

CPU: Intel E5 - 1620 x1 GHz


Hard Drive Set 1: 2x1024GB SATAII

RAID (Set 1): RAID 1

Bandwidth: 5000-10000GB

Net Speed: 1Mbps

Games Hosted


Game Servers Reviews

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Zavarelli said
Game server customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

I have had 3 of my servers shutdown becuase I was 1 day late on payment and I had such fun with my friends we built incredible things that took alot of time, I still use cloudfrost servers heres my review:
1. I always get disconnected from my server and my console or something related is broken.
2. Tickets take about 1 day for a reply back.
3. Just like number 1 my server keeps getting issues I am running a 1GB for 8$ a month it can hold up to 30 players and I dont see how
4 people daily get the server crashed.
4. I like there hosting its easy to control but then again every other host has multicraft.
5. I am thinking about changing my host to this one me and my friend found he bought a server on it it was 20$ a month for Unlimited RAM storage and players! I was surprised when he found a host soo cheap!
6. My server (constantly gets froze on start and restart even though I cant click restart or start.

Other than that I think that there a good host but then again I have way too much problems with cloudfrost sorry for the review but Im tired of sending a ticket each day about my server not starting up.

Zavarelli's Ratings
Performance 14 stars Support 12 stars Pricing 13 stars

KevinNinja said
Game server customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Great quality minecraft server hosting at a cheap price! I have been hosting with cloudfrost hosting for about 5 months now, and I have never had any problems. My server is always online and the support is really fast at replying! I recommend to anyone looking for a good, cheap minecraft server host

KevinNinja's Ratings
Performance 14 stars Support 12 stars Pricing 13 stars

Worldatpeace said
Game server customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

would like to make a comment on my rather disgusting experience with this Minecraft server hosting company.

I figured I'd give it a shot, considering it was only $3.99 per month or merely $12.63 USD for a 3-month plan. I didn't hesitate to fork up a few dollars for a cheap host for my friends. Boy was I wrong. It's been a long waiting game in trying to receive help to resolve my permanent latency (ms) issues between my client and server. Support took over 12 hours for a response, and they were rather ignorant when I tried to request a refund.

I highly recommend that you DO NOT choose this hosting company if you wish to receive speedy support along with a reliable, stable server connection. I forgot to mention that there were times when my friends and I were refused connection to the server. For those of you who've had no problems, you got lucky.

Anyway, I'd like to share with you my terrible experience with You can see it for yourself. Happy server shopping!

Their TOS States that I had 3 days to request a refund. I bought the service on Sept 29, 2013. I requested a refund on Sept 30, 2013, as seen below (third image). With no mentioning of a refund on their end, I proceeded to request a refund two more times, including today (Oct 2, 2013). They denied my request stating that I had exceeded the refund policy time frame. Mind you the support representative was the same person handling all of my support ticket requests. Shady business!

View the support photos yourself via imgur

Worldatpeace's Ratings
Performance 14 stars Support 12 stars Pricing 13 stars

xmzpvpx said
Game server customer for 3 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I bought a server before from a few hosts, and I wasn't really satisfied.

I really like this host because my server doesn't lag at all and I can have as many slots as I want!

I probably will never switch hosts because of the amazing price I get from these guys.

Great work!

xmzpvpx's Ratings
Performance 14 stars Support 12 stars Pricing 13 stars

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