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FrostPlay hosting is a small American based hosting company based on the West Coast, and run by fellow game lovers just like you. We are committed to providing quality service and support to our clients and the community. Currently we only offer shared Multicraft servers in our product lineup, but we have plans to expand as soon as business gets off the ground. We plan on adding additional games to our hosting lineup, web hosting, TeamSpeak 3/Mumble/Ventrillo servers, and VPS hosting. FrostPlay welcomes constructive criticism or suggestions to our setup or services to help further improve the consumer experience with us.

Our goal is to provide quality servers without gouging the customer's wallet. We do not aim to be a "budget host", or worst of all, a host that oversells. FrostPlay strives to provide the community with premium grade performance without the premium price.


We currently only offer shared Minecraft hosting, but have plans to expand to support other games in the very near future. Our Minecraft shared prices start at only $6.79/month per GB of RAM using the recurring lifetime promo code 15OFF


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