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Our relationship with our customers is quite simple: as gamers who know the sheer annoyance of working with shoddy, laggy, and unreliable hosts, we are only truly happy when our customers are enjoying uninterrupted online play. From our experience, we know that settling for low quality game hosting is just plain stupid in the long run; battle hardened gamers know that there's nothing worse than the feeling of getting sucked into a game, wreaking havoc on the enemy's position, and then, right at that clutch moment...disconnections, freeze ups, and PISSED OFF PLAYERS. We get it. At, we guarantee you will never experience outages, drop offs, and annoyances all too common while using competitor's services.

What makes us different?

Here at we own and house our own servers and don't simply broker off our hosting to other providers. Our servers, secured in our Chicago location, are custom tailored for online play, carefully provisioned to avoid overload, and powerful enough to keep gamers gaming day in/day out. We use top tier data centers and are always seeking out the latest, cutting edge technology to improve our customer's experience. Our customer service department's expertise is not web hosting; it's web hosting for gamers. Gaming is what you do, but it's what we do too. Why would you look anywhere else?


We are a subsidiary of Main Street Savvy, LLC, and sister company to the famed At PDS, we our the proud tenants of a 21,000 square foot data center renowned for reliability, up time, and excellent customer service. Our customer service center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even holidays! Customers of Premium Dedicated Servers already know we are the leaders in this game. We're associated with big names in the game that have already made their mark on the hosting/server industry!

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