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Ever gone looking for a host that offers a great price and has everything that you need?  I think you just found it!  Most cheaper hosts give you nonexistent support, broken panels, and outdated hardware.  Fluidhost aims to bring you exactly the opposite!  We have experienced support, a powerful and customizable panel, and some of the latest hardware available, all at a low price.



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  Instant Setup - Within seconds of you making your purchase you will already have receive an email containing your login accreditations and your server will already be up and running.

  DDoS Protection - Uptime is important to us and it should be to you.  This is why we are offering free protection with all server purchases.

  Dedicated Support - Never pay for "Premium Support" again.  FluidHost's support team contains members that have years of experience running successful minecraft servers.

  Free Voice Servers- We know that you like to chat and Skype is just not cutting it out anymore. So we are offering you free voice servers with your purchase of your server.

  Control Panel - Control every aspect of your server. Upload plugins and install any jar file you want with ease. Our control panel comes with free FTP access for those that are wanting to dig deep into the configurations of your server.

  Premium Hardware - Ever think you found a really cheap host? Truth is; they use outdated server parts and they could be over 80% slower than FluidHost.

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  RAM: 512MB
  SLOTS: 10
  Price: $4.00/month

  RAM: 1024MB
  SLOTS: 20
  Price $8.00/month

  RAM: 2048MB
  SLOTS: 40
  Price: $16.00/month

  RAM: 3072MB
  SLOTS: 60
  Price: $24.00/month

Lapis Lazulli
  RAM: 4096MB
  SLOTS: 80
  Price: $32.00/month

  RAM: 5120MB
  SLOTS: 100
  Price: $40.00/month

Slots are merely recommended, you can set your player slots to whatever you wish.

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Node 1 - New York
  Xeon E5-1260
  2x 2TB HDDs in Software RAID-1
  Gigabit Port speed

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Our test server is operated on 1GB of RAM

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Email: [email protected]

*Free voice servers are only available for $20 packages and higher.

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Mausterio said
Customer for 3 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Great server host. There support team have gotten me out of plenty of trouble.

There prices may seem a little pricy compared to some of the hosts I have seen, but there support and the performance that I have seen has been top notch.

Mausterio's Ratings
Performance 5 stars Support 4 stars Pricing 5 stars

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