Fluctis Hosting

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Founded Apr 1, 2011
CEO: Stephen Vanhove

[email protected]

Weststraat 107
Blankenberge, 8370 Belgium

Looking for a cheap host, but scared that the bigger ones will stack your server? Then you’re in the right place. As a smaller experienced hosting company, we make sure every order has its own personal touch! We offer you everything you need to give your server that touch that makes it unique. Our Custom Control Panel: MinecraftPanel We have worked day and night to come up with a control panel that suits all your needs. We have worked on both our own ideas and community input from our current clients and are still expanding the panel to levels that no other control panel has reached.

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BuckwheatPaektu said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Their prices are awful for the bad quality they give you. Awful downtime and when you do go to support they say the downtime are your own fault..

Generally when I edit a file using their hosting it disappears a few minutes later.. I spent an hour fixing up permissions and then it suddenly disappears! Awful, never touch these scammers - report them!

BuckwheatPaektu's Ratings
Performance 25 stars Support 27 stars Pricing 30 stars

小原義哉 said
Customer for 2 Year(s) - Overal experience: Negative

I've been using this host for 2 years - and my server is due to run out next year. Their performance is bad! Their web server is always offline, as well as my server whenever this happens so my server I've been working on for a long time seems to always shutdown. They also have a really horrible tech support, most of the tech support don't even know how to do a simple task with the Minecraft panel. Saying this brings me onto another simple thing that could be fixed easily - their design of the panel. It is hideous! I can't get anywhere without constant clicking. I wouldn't recommend this hosting with my 2 years experience. I've tried Nitrous Networks - and they're great, but expensive!

小原義哉's Ratings
Performance 25 stars Support 27 stars Pricing 30 stars

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