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Founded Jul 20, 2011
President: Ryan Kempke

[email protected]

PO Box 427
Higley, 85236 United States

EVL Gaming provides the perfect balance of affordability, stability, and of course speed. We cater to many different types of customers. We allow our customers to be particular about their options. For example, customers who may not want to be hosted on a Solid State Drive may choose to be hosted on a standard enterprise drive, and save money!

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l3lackCalamity said
Customer for 7 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

As a customer of EVL gaming I'd like to share my experiences renting/running my modded Minecraft server.

What I have.
• Before I upgraded to 2.5GB, my server ran 7 months with 2GB ram and a SSD. This is what my review will be based on.
• A mumble server is also included free.
• I run around 50 or so mods.
• I live in Ontario whereas the EVL node I’m on is located in Kansas
• I have been a customer since Jan

Why I choose EVL and first experiences
I choose to go with EVL because a promotion at the time offered an amazing discount on SSD storage. While I was worried that the deal could be a scam (my last host packed up and ran with everyone's money) I decided to give EVL a shot.
The initial server setup was as to be expected: my payment went through, I was given an email containing my log in information, and shortly after had access to a multicraft panel. Back at that time (Jan) specifying that I wanted to run a custom jar that didn't include a FTB pack or Tekkit, required me to contact support so the feature could be enabled; that took maybe 5 mins.
TLDR: I was deal hunting for a good server when I saw an SDD promotion. I gave EVL money and the quickly gave me a server.


I run several dozen mods so it’s difficult to rate performance. Not knowing whether some of my server’s oddities are caused by mods or the service itself makes it somewhat unfair to comment.

What I do know is the SDD is very much appreciated as it speeds up loading when traveling around prevoiusly generated chunks. For me this is a must as mods have altered my terrains scale making it slower to load on traditional HDDs. My server runs several generation altering mods: ATG, CofhCore, big trees, Natura, Thaumcraft and Forestry. As a result the server often reports overburden errors if any players go running run into not yet generated land too quickly, however that’s just the price I pay for using those specific mods. Lastly, I get strange java socket error messages while shutting down the server that seem to have no effect. I imagine they’re caused by a mod,

TLDR; SDDs help keep previously explored lands loading quickly regardless of how modified terrain is. However, in the actually process of first generating those altered chunks stresses the CPU thereby requiring slower exploration.

Customer Support/ Service reliability

The company’s response times to tickets are very quick, and usually under 5 minutes. The company also provides some sort of instant contact chat on their homepage, however I've personally only ever used it once.
During my 8 months at EVL, I can only recall one incident; my node’s SSD died. No data was lost and within minutes of my reporting the issue was taken care of. Just to highlight the company’s flexibility, I was give the option of either being quickly moved to a new SSD node at the same location, or staying on my old node with a temporary HDD until the new SDD arrived. Incidences like these really show the character of a company and I was very satisfied with their response.

Overall Pros.

• Incredibly quick and friendly customer support.
• Generous pricing
• SDDs work great at quickly loading prevoiusly explored terrain.
• Because the company hosts servers for more than just Minecraft, I’m not worried about them simply vanishing.

Overall Cons.

• The free Mumble server’s audio sounds incredibly robotic. So much so that my buds and I can’t even use it.

I think EVL offers amazing service. I cannot stress enough just how quick their customer service tends to be; so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if they replied while using their washrooms. The SSD pricing is incredibly generous. Due to a recent price drop, I’ve taken the chance to upgrade my service to 2.5 GB. Good company, I strongly recommend.

l3lackCalamity's Ratings
Performance 4 stars Support 5 stars Pricing 5 stars

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