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EternalHosting is game hosting and web hosting that lasts forever! We provide guaranteed lowest prices in the industry with the fastest support in the industry! If you can find lower prices please contact us so we can work on that for you. We reply within the hour! We believe in quality but that quality should not break your wallet! We use the latest and most powerful technology to run our servers with little to no downtime. If there is ever a problem while most companies try to leave it to you. We personally handle it. We believe if you were able to break our servers then our servers was not good enough for you and deserve to be upgraded! We have all latest game servers like Dark And Light, ARK: Survival Evolved, Grand Theft Auto V FiveM, Citadel: Forged in fire and over 40+ more latest titles. Our servers run in different locations all over the world. We make sure you are always playing lag free! Don't see the game your looking for? Let us know! We will have the game added within that same day

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