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EmberCore's goal is to ensure that we provide and exceed the buyers expectations and idea about "performance". We want to have our power-packed servers do the job, plus more for our clients.
EmberCore ensures an unmatched level of performance by hosting our servers on the highest quality server hardware available. We have high capacity Solid State Drives in all of our machines, ensuring both speed and consistency. We have 2x Xeon Quad L5420 processors with a combined Processing Power of 5.3GHz dispersed on 8 Cores fed by 16 threads to ensure your server is packed with a punch. EmberCo
re also secures high amounts of RAM per server to allow breathing room, supplying our clients with flexibility and scalability for their server. We also boost our servers with our custom Ember-Accelerator, which reduces and optimizes ping, tickrate and FPS. With this, you will have 100% perfect Hit Registration and Timing on your Server.

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Brony1137 said
Customer for 2 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I'll start out by saying that I've already recommended Embercore to three of my friends, and theyve all bought servers themselves.

For the price I was getting I assumed that the support/servers wouldnt be as subpar as they are, they really are great, i've only had about two issues so far, and both times someone joined the game and fixed it about five minutes after the support was contacted. (we used the instant support on the site)

Brony1137's Ratings
Performance 5 stars Support 5 stars Pricing 5 stars

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