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DigIt Servers is a company truly dedicated to the community.

We have spent well over 6 months perfecting and testing our systems, then changing them, to find what works best for our customers and their needs.

We have chosen to use the latest in Intel Xeon processors - The Haswell E3 line. We have tested these processors extensively and found that they have much, much better performance on a per-core basis than any other CPU on the market today.

We've matched this impressive processing power with the power of Samsung 840 EVO SSDs. These SSDs are the fastest currently available on the market - And who doesn't like their map and server loading in mere seconds?

We have paired this impressive hardware with one of the best networks we could find. We locate ourselves at Steadfast Networks in Chicago, IL - With providers such as Level(3), nLayer / GTT, NTT America, Inteliquent, TataCommunications, and Cogent - Plus our Enterprise InterNAP FCP Intelligent Routing - you get very little to no latency, or "lag", on your server!

Give our small start-up a try today and see that you are in the right hands!

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