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Shockbyte has been providing hosting services since March 2013. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated staff who've been in the hosting industry for multiple years, providing 24/7 support and ...

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Most Popular Dedicated Server Plan

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 x1 GHz


Disk Space: 2x256GB SSD

RAID (Set 1): RAID 1

Bandwidth: 5000-10000GB

Net Speed: 1000Mbps

Included IPs: 13.00

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Caleb said
Dedicated server customer for 2 Year(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I love my new Minecraft Bedrock dedicated server! I prefer this over realms any day! I dont have to invite friends. Just send the IP and connect! I wish there was more Bedrock plugin support, but that doesnt fall on Shockbyte at all. My dedicated server is never down and always has the latest updates, so ☆☆☆☆☆ to you! Thanks again!

Caleb's Ratings
Performance 49 stars Support 51 stars Pricing 60 stars

Bob said
Dedicated server customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Well... I can sum this up in a few words; Shockbyte is fucking horrible.

Let's start with me ordering, it was quick-ish. Took 15 minutes to process, I was okay with that. I go to check the server out, I like it. I order more RAM, upload my plugins it's running smooth. Timings with 5 players online had the CPU at 2%, and the RAM was only at 30-50% usage.

I check the console to check for any errors, spammed with the error that my server does not support Java 8. This is where I start getting pissed off. I contact their support, they responded quickly, said it would take a few minutes and asked which of my servers I'd like to make Java 8 when I stated that I wanted all my servers switched to Java 8 in the original ticket statement.

I am annoyed at the stupidity, but that isn't what'll really piss me off. It took ONE WEEK & 3 tickets to transfer me to another node, which took them 20 MINUTES TO DO! I was pissed, just beyond fumming. I calmed down and decided to just write this off a one-time error.

3 weeks later... I had 4 servers running under their services. I upgraded the RAM on all of them, then their AMAZING billing serviced fucked up. It had already created invoices for the current month, and I had to pay, I was happy to prepay for a month & upgrade(I had the money to). At the due date for the invoices that I ALREADY PAID for, I was charged again.

I contacted support again... They owed me over $30. It took 3 days for a reply to ask for the already provided transaction IDs. I asked for a refund, it took them TWO weeks and 4 support tickets to get it. Except, instead of getting a refund they give credit on their services.

I was like, fuck it, this is the last straw. This month, so far, I've gotten $500 in donations so I thought to buy a dedicated/VPS server. I'm currently waiting for the Kimsufi KS-4B. Anyways, back to the topic, my server crashed. It was a MySQL connection issue.

LiteBans & the MySQL server caused an internal DoS attack. I had 30 players online... it was difficult to get and keep those players. They were active, chatty, nice, and I had no punishments to dish out. Then I ban someone and it the server lagged out.

The console went offline and I was about to pass out from rage. It took 30 minutes to get it back online. At first I thought it was caused by LiteBans and not the MySQL server. Only 12 players ever came back.

It happened AGAIN! This time I had 25 players online and lost all but 14 of them. My community grew really fast and my players got sick of getting disconnected from a server, so they left. This happened today... I connect to the MySQL manually, takes 60 seconds+ to go page to page. It took literally 10 minutes to delete 3 tables, and another 5 minutes to download a copy to transfer.

If you're going to use ShockByte, don't use their MySQL or you'll get boned.

My timings with ShockByte:

Bob's Ratings
Performance 49 stars Support 51 stars Pricing 60 stars

ShockbyteSUCKS said
Dedicated server customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

OMG Terrible absolutely terrible!!!! They dont even know how to fucking help you. They are freaking dumbass's. Some of the people on there staff list dont even work for shockbyte. I mean the servers ran okay But once you need help its like asking a bunch of retarded 5th graders DONT GET TRICKED BY THE LOW PRICES. NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.

ShockbyteSUCKS's Ratings
Performance 49 stars Support 51 stars Pricing 60 stars

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