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About Us:

DAHosts was initially developed in September 2013 and now, after much researching and studying what players want and need we are ready to open our doors to the public. We intend to put all of our time and effort into this cause in the hope that in the coming months we can see our hobby grow into a reliable, friendly service for gamers like ourselves. Whether it be a gamer looking for a server or a company looking for sponsorship we will always be here to answer your needs.






Each one of our gaming platforms are packing Xeon E5-1650 v2 processors, each with dual SSD's and a solid 200Mbit connection for the ultimate speed. We don't tolerate lag and neither should you.




Our team works 7 days a week from 9AM-10PM (GMT) to give the best service possible. We try to answer all queries within 1hr. If we do not reply within 24hrs we will refund an entire months fees as an apology! Thats how serious we are about great service.




Our servers are custom configured to be the most reliable they can possibly be, which is why we love to boast about our 99% uptime. Our gaming servers are ready to go when you are!




With both experience in MultiCraft and FTP we are offering both packages to give you a better experience.




Access your files with your favourite FTP client or the built in file browser to make managing your plugins and server files easy.




Using our powerful CPanel you can add and install mods as much as you like. If you cannot see the mod you are looking for then simply submit a ticket and we will try to add it right away. Using BukGet you can install thousands of plugins at the click of a button.




If you got a quick question feel free to post in this thread and we will get back to you right away! You can also reach us through our site of course.



Plan Prices:

512MB - £3.00

768MB - £4.50

1GB - £6.00

2GB - £11.75

3GB - £17.50

4GB - £22.75

5GB - £27.75

7.5GB - £38.50

10GB - £49.25


Free Trials:

We offer a 24 Hour trial server which runs on the same hardware as the 512MB Sheep.


For a full list of plan features and to order please visit our website. 


Also use the code 'xmas13' for 10% off your server.

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