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Portland Street, Beeston
Nottingham, NG9 2L UK

Fast, reliable, secure UK hosting from two privately owned data centres – with excellent service and support!  Founded in 1991, CWCS specialises in business and enterprise-grade hosting, is ISO 27001 certified and has highly trained technical support staff on-site 24/7/365. CWCS offers a wide range of hosting products and delivers supreme customer service and technical expertise, with all solutions hosted on high quality, state-of-the-art data centre hardware and infrastructure. 

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Customer for 9 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

This company, CWCS, could not even take the responsibility of renewing a domain and they host!!! WOW

Could you imagine a hosting company does not renew a domain even though auto renew was on? if they cant make a simple task like this, could you imagine to be responsible for hosting? I purchased the company, they transferred the domain-- but they transferred (as they say) a cancelled domain (cancelled as far as their system thought) to me.- so unprofessional. They "believe" the domain was cancelled on their system prior to me purchasing the company..pretty ridiculous! TO HAVE AUTO RENEW ON AND CANCELLATION? TO SETUP A NEW ACCOUNT WITH A CANCELLED DOMAIN? CANCELLED DOMAIN OPERATING FOR 9 MONTHS? what type of system do they have that does not send flags. Certainly not enough protection built in to save me. Auto renew was on so I trusted that they would renew it. They did expired SO 30 days AFTER THAT, my website went down and i could not even get the emails from my customers.. They even invoiced me for domain management even though there was no domain. Do they not have triggers in their system or flags? BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY...IF YOU RELY ON YOUR DOMAIN..THEY MAY NOT RENEW IT WHEN IT IS DUE AND THEY WILL COME UP WITH EXCUSES AND NOT EVEN OWN THE PROBLEM. it took me over an hour to convince the emergency support desk to do something..that my site was down but because it was domain related...they did not feel this was something they could handle over the weekend. This company is unprofessional and a total mess. i dont even know how they could be in business if a simple task can get so messed up.'s Ratings
Performance 1 stars Support 1 stars Pricing 1 stars

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