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Severs from $3.49/mo!

Just because we're one of the cheapest doesn't mean we made compromises we are the ONLY MINECRAFT HOST that lets you connect and visually modify your server with your iOS, Android, PC, MAC, and or your Windows phone device! 

Besides the unbeatable prices there are many reasons why we’re much different than other Minecraft hosts. We took an entirely different approach when it comes to users managing their servers. After purchasing one of our packages we send you login information to connect to your very own virtual machine. In fact we are the ONLY Minecraft host that uses VNC-RDS technology allowing you to literally take control of your virtual machine using your PC, Smartphone, or mac to easily make changes to you server on the fly.

On top of all that we only use top tier 2012 Intel hardware featuring Intel's new QUAD channel DDR-3 with an unheard-of 51.2GBPS of memory bandwidth, you can be sure you're servers will never experience lagg! 

The only host with RDS-VNC Technology


Server specs:

CPU: Intel 3930K
Memory: 64GB of Quad-Channel DDR3
Primary Storage: 4X 320GB Western digital
SSD: Intel 330 500mbps read
Uptime: 99% 

All plans including level 1 come with SSD space and RDS-VNC!

Currently our billing system is set up through paypal but we are switching to WHMCS soon!

*When we say cheapest we mean cheapest with RDS-VNC technology, regardless our prices are still very fair.

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