Log in to write a review! was founded in 2013 and offer game and voice servers. We have:

- A free game servers offer : You can have a free game server with all features for 2 hours. You can renew this offer as many times you want !
- A free Mumble servers offer : You can have a 20 slots private Mumble server for free for ever !
- Private and public game servers offers. Price start at 0.90€ per slots.
- A dedicated core offer at 19.90€ !
- HLTV, Source TV and public Mumble servers are included in all offers.
- Full FTP access to your game server.
- We have home made and user friendly admin panel : start, stop, restart, reinstall, console access, user management, server logs, server configuration, plugin install, etc... Everything in one click !
- We have over 150 game and mods: HL mods (CS, DoD, TFC, DMC, HLDM, etc...), HL2 mods (CSS, CSGO, DoD:S, TF2, HL2DM, etc...), Left 4 Dead, San Andreas MultiPlayer, CoD mods, CoD 2 mods, CoD 4 mods, ArmA, ArmA 2, Battlefied 2 mods, Battlefield 2142 mods, etc...

Come test us with our trial offers ;-)

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