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Founded May 1, 2011
Operations Director: A. H.

[email protected]

137 Main Street North, Suite 210
Markham, L3P 1 Canada

Aim2Game offers next-generation game server hosting, servicing Half-Life mods (including CS:GO), Battlefield, Minecraft, and others. Its high-performance servers offer dual six-core processors, 32GB of RAM, and ultra-fast 15,000RPM hard drives. The company headquarters is based in Markham, Ontario, and serves gamers around the world.

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Wicker said
Customer for 0 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Charged my credit card for a server I did not sign up for and does not have my signature on anything. Then they refused to refund my money. DO NOT USE!!!!!

Wicker's Ratings
Performance 7 stars Support 7 stars Pricing 7 stars

TheDarkPreacher said
Customer for 1 Year(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Was offered a sponsorship and a free server for life with Aim2Game. Server ran fine for the first 6 months or so, but then I had a personal issue with a member of their support team, Matt Smith, and then my server performance went downhill. Getting support tickets responded to after that was like pulling teeth, and any request I made to switch my server over to a different game type (I requested to change to Unturned from Minecraft, which I know they were working on.) was met with "We're working on it" "Multiplayer for that game is horrible, I'm not going to do it" or I was flat out ignored. Do not get a server with this provider if you know Matt Smith (He calls himself Dawgeth online. Very unprofessional and uncaring individual who makes fun of disabled veterans.) because if you upset him in any way, your account will be closed and your server shut down.

TheDarkPreacher's Ratings
Performance 7 stars Support 7 stars Pricing 7 stars

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