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Since 2005 we offer server solutions for every one arround the world. It doesn´t matter private

Users or Companys, we can provide for every customer the appropriate server. Presently we

supervise approx 250 customers worldwide.


Who buyes our products knows what he needs and is not reliant on large consulting. That´s

why basically webmaster and hosting professionals are counted among our costumers.

We solely avail brand hardware of the companies Intel and Infineon. Our offers are as

measured by the features and performances particularly good value without the need for to

accept cuts at the quality and the service. Instead of the put scores of server packages on

the website and make the choice harder, we have centralised all features in two packages

for starter User and professional Users.


Anytime and easily our customers can change a small system to a higher server. So you can

test our Service with Starter Server and then you can change to professional Server.


See it for yourself and test our Service. It would give us great pleasure, you convince of us.

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