You have built your business and have done what you feel is all the necessary work in creating a product or service that will have thousands of people coming to your website, yet you are not getting the number of purchases that you feel you should. Remember that with even the best of websites, your potential customers do not know you, so there may be a level of trust that you need to establish in order to take the final step towards creating a truly profitable online business: getting existing customers to write good customer reviews.

We’ve seen testimonials, good feedback, and customer recommendations on other websites and especially on TV. The reason why they are so effective is that they are not the word of the business, who’s best interest is good reviews, but instead the word of actual customers. For potential customers that have recently discovered your hosting business, having solid, effective reviews and testimonials that relate the quality and value of your product can mean a significant increase in sales.

Good server reviews from third-party sites, unaffiliated with your business, can also add trust and confidence to the products or services you are providing. Those websites provide another voice that allows your customers to evaluate just what you have to offer them. Server reviews can serve two purposes to potential customers: to verify the quality of your product and to show what type of customer service your online business offers. Delivering a quality product and good customer service will pay off when it comes to customers writing reviews about your hosting services.

One obviously negative aspect that having good hosting reviews can overcome is the negative customer reviews a business cannot avoid. All businesses at some point will have a customer that is dissatisfied enough to write about it on a review site. You will need to address all of your negative customer reviews at some point, and most times the best way to do this is to get other customers to stand by your product, or you can offer your counterpoint in a written response. It is best to not be mean or vindictive to negative reviews, and would be recommended to simply acknowledge that misunderstandings happen, and offer to fix the issue. Nothing is better than making dissatisfied customers happy!

Remember however, that negative customer reviews might not always be terribly bad. One or two out of dozens is to be expected. After all, even the best, most attentive businesses are going to draw customers that are not going to be happy and there’s little you can do about it. This is also expected by the new customers who are looking at reviews of your business. In fact, not seeing any “bad” reviews of your business if there are hundreds to choose from might give the impression of something not being right with the reviews. However, if you have a great number of negative reviews then it’s time to look at your business and see what is causing this problem.