We’ve decided to add a blog to our website in order to deliver news, information, and interesting articles written by our team, regarding server reviews.

In site-related news, this month has been a very successful one! Visits to the website has gone up a whopping 208.38% this month alone, and is still continuously trending upwards. There are also currently 66 companies signed up on the website!

We’ve currently been focusing a great amount on making the website better by listening to feedback from the businesses listed on our site. Here are the most recent changes made:

MPServ suggested being able to edit the HTML of company descriptions. We’ve gone ahead and added this feature, so now companies can make their description unique with editable colors and editable font-sizes, but more importantly there can now be links to other parts of a company’s website.

We’ve also added a new feature, which has been suggested by many businesses, that allows them to now reply to customer reviews, straight from the list of reviews (you must be logged in). Now businesses can give their side of the story on controversial reviews, or even thank customers for giving positive reviews!

Do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions and feedback related to the website. We will listen!

We hope you are all enjoying the website and have a good experience using it.

Stay tuned for more articles!


TheServerReviews Team